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What is the function of fruit tree insect net - architectural woven wire mesh acting


As a senior fruit grower, you must have used fruit tree insect nets. This kind of product is very helpful for the growth of fruit trees and the protection of fruits. Hebei Bozhong wire mesh professional anti-insect net manufacturer will give you a detailed explanation of the role of fruit tree anti-insect nets.


1. Block foreign pests


Fruit tree insect-proof nets generally use 40-mesh insect-proof nets. The mesh size of 40-mesh insect nets can completely block outdoor pests such as whiteflies, aphids, scale insects and red spiders. After laying the anti-insect net, it can prevent the psyllids from entering the shed and effectively block the spread of pest viruses. Now fruit tree insect-proof nets have gradually become a new and effective new technology for pest protection, which can effectively reduce the use of pesticides and is one of the key technologies in the production system of pollution-free agricultural products.


2. Adjust the temperature and light intensity in the shed


The growth of fruit trees is closely related to temperature and light intensity. It is convenient to build insect screens to keep the sheds ventilated through the apertures of the insect screens, and to create a relatively stable temperature in the sheds, which can also effectively reduce the evaporation of water in the sheds and reduce the transpiration of citrus trees. In summer, the sunlight is strong, and direct sunlight is not conducive to the growth of fruit trees, and it is easy to cause tree burns. After covering the insect net, it can alleviate indoor temperature changes.


Three, prevent fruit drop


After building a stable insect-proof net greenhouse, the insect-proof net can effectively reduce the wind speed by about 15%. In extreme weather, there is no need to worry about the fruit being shot down, which can reduce losses and increase yield.


architectural woven wire mesh acting


 4. Staggered listing to keep fresh


Covering a layer of film on the surface of the anti-insect net can stabilize the temperature in the shed, increase the indoor temperature, extend the supply period of fruit trees, achieve staggered listings, and enhance market competitiveness, which can bring more benefits.


Common types of insect nets


The insect-proof net of the greenhouse is constructed by covering the shed to construct an artificial isolation barrier to keep the pests out of the net, cut off the propagation path of the pests, and feasibly control all kinds of pests. There are the following types of commonly used anti-insect nets:


Insect net manufacturers


1. Stainless steel mesh and brass mesh


This kind of metal braided mesh has corrosion resistance, no rust, high strength and long service life.


2. Polyethylene single wire net


This type of net is woven from a single strand of wire. The warp and weft of the single wire mesh are not knotted, easy to slide, and the size and shape of the holes are easy to change. The correct design plan, proper construction technology and maintenance must be adopted when using it.


3. Polypropylene multi-strand mesh


This net is woven from multiple strands of wire. The knots between the warp and weft are not easy to slide, and the shape and size of the holes can be better maintained.


4. Nylon net


It is woven with nylon fibers and "looks like a window screen." Nylon mesh has the advantages of low manufacturing cost and long service life.


Different types of anti-insect nets have different advantages and characteristics, so you must choose a reasonable anti-insect net model according to your needs.

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